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American Ranger 1 (AR1)

American Ranger 1 (AR1) is a modern US made gyroplane with tandem seating, convertible option (fully enclosed or windshields). It combines design, style balanced with ever important safety and performance. It takes you anywhere you want to go in style and complete comfort, cutting through turbulence and high wind better than most reaching speeds as high as 120 mph and it can fly as slow as 25 mph. You can sight see around your environment slowly in complete control and comfort as gyroplane does not stall like an airplane. AR1 has the unique option in its class and price range to have the ability to fly semi-open cockpit with windshields or with a fully enclosed canopy with cabin heat in winter months. This gives the user the best of both worlds in one gyroplane. The enclosed canopy can also be ordered and installed by the user at any point. More details

About SilverLight Aviation

Silverlight Aviation manufactures light sport aircraft with an emphasis on American Ranger 1 gyroplane. Our gyroplane are built and assembled in Zephyrhills, Florida near Tampa. We aim for high standards, aviation components and hardware and supply one of the best gyroplane kits our customers can get their hands on. We also provide builder's assistance at our facility under factory guidance so our customers can be sure their 51% Experimental gyroplane is built safely and as close to a factory standard as possible. Please feel free to contact us if you have interest in our gyroplanes.