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The documents are in PDF format that requires Free Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have it please download it from Adobe

NOTE: Please keep your manual set up to date by downloading the latest manuals. Right hand column indicates last updated dates for the manuals. If you have a S-LSA trike its your responsibility to visit this website and the bulletins at least once a month to check for updates to documents.

NOTE: Owners are requested and required by the ASTM standards to report any service difficulty or safety of flight issue encountered during normal flight operations to the manufacturer using the feedback form in writing with as much relevent details and data as necessary so as to help in investigation of such matters. Its highly important that any deemed airworthiness issues be brought to our attention and procedure followed in a written manner as specified in the manual and per directions provided to have better control and documentation of any safety concerns. The feedback form and format can be found in the product's manuals.

Jet Star AS-II Manuals

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