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SilverLight Aviation recommends our custmers interested in purchasing our gyroplanes to take lessons from certain independant instructors who we have used in the past.
Please contact us if you are interested in our gyroplanes to see if we can refer you to an instructor. Please note that these instructors instruct completely independantly and are not employees of SilverLight Aviation and we cannot be held responsible if you find any fault with their instruction. Price ranges from $207/hour to $220/hour

  • Bring a photo ID (driver's license) and a passport or a Birth Certificate to prove US Citizenship as required by Transport Security Administration (TSA).
  • If you are not a US citizen and do not already have a FAA license, please contact us and we will guide you to get TSA clearance for initial flight training in the US
  • Be prepared take guidance from your instructor(s). Be prepared to learn!
  • 250 pound weight limit.
  • If you have any medical or physical issues, please discuss those with us beforehand.
  • FAA Gyroplane Flying Handbook and FAR/AIM are recommended to be bought
  • If you have no intention of purchasing our gyroplane and are just looking to get general gyroplane instruction, we recommend you look at Popular Rotorcraft Association's (PRA) Training website for a gyroplane instructors