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Our lessons start with an introductory flight that usually lasts 25 minutes in flight and is aimed at letting you experience the feel of flying and enjoying the flight so that you can make a decision if this kind of sport flying is for you. If you are comfortable, we will even let you fly the aircraft under the instructor's supervision on this introductory flight.

Lessons can be arranged by contacting us. Flight lessons are preferred during early AM or evening hours when the winds are calm for comfortable flight. Slowly as student's abilities and confidence level develops some windy conditions will be introduced into later lessons. Students can save by purchasing a non-refundable 5 lesson unit in advance. This package provides a $50 savings over the standard hour-by-hour lesson payment. The only requirement is to make a non-refundable commitment for 5 hours of lessons. Ground instruction is $50/hour.

The following chart shows a 20-unit student lesson plan outline for a typical student for Phase I through solo. This can vary based on student's motivation level and progress. At least one lesson per week should be scheduled to maintain steady progress to best optimize skill and memory retention.

Lesson Subject Type
F-1 Introduction Flight
F-2 Effects Of Controls Flight
G-1 Aerodynamics Ground (self-study assignments)
F-3 Maintaining Ground Track and Level Turns Flight
F-4 Ground Reference Maneuvers Flight
F-5 Ascending and Descending Flight and Turns Flight
F-6 Stall Recognition and Recovery Flight
F-7 Slow Flight and Slow Flights Maneuvering Flight
F-8 Energy Management Flight
G-2 Airport Operations Ground
G-3 Airspace, Sport Pilot Rules and Restrictions Ground (self-study and instructor-lead discussion)
F-9 Pattern Work and Approach Flight
F-10 Pattern Work, Approach and Landings Flight
G-4 Aircraft Systems and Performance Ground (self-study)
F-11 Pattern Work with CTAF Radio Communication Flight
F-12 Wake Turbulence Avoidance, Emergency Procedures, Go-Arounds, Windshear Avoidence Ground and Flight
F-13 Crosswind Operations and Soft Field Operations Flight
G-5 NOTAMS, TFR's, FSS Briefings, Local Restrictions Ground
G-6 Pre-Solo Quiz and Review Ground
F-14 Review and Instructor Supervised Solo #1 Flight
G-7 Weather, Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM), Aero-Medical Factors Ground (self-study)
F-15 Instructor Supervised Solo #2 Flight
G-8 Cross Country Planning Example (AFD and Sectional Chart Reading, Pilotage and Dead Reckoning) Ground
F-16 Cross-Country with Instructor Flight
G-9 Plan First Solo Cross-Country Flight Ground (Reviewed by Instructor)
F-17 Solo Cross Country Flight
F-18 Aircraft Setup and Tuning Ground/Flight
F-19 Review for Practical Flight

The amount of time needed to complete flight training depends on each individual but normally is about 15 to 18 hours to solo and about 30 to 35 hours to get a Sport Pilot license in each category.

Please note, if you are a fixed wing airplane pilot looking to transition into trikes (weight-shift-control), get ready for a lesson in humility! Nothing about flying airplanes will apply to trikes, except ground school. Only highly experienced trike instructors should handle transitioning airplane pilots to WSC. SilverLight Aviation has a proven record of transitioning dozens of airplane pilots successfully and safely to trike pilots. In terms of time, airplane pilots will take just as long to learn to fly trikes as anyone else.

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SilverLight Aviation provides trike instruction for Sport Pilot rating by the FAA. Trike flying is the closest you will come to flying like a bird in a powered plane, period. The trike is a weight shift controlled aircraft with a semi-flexible wing. Center of gravity (CG) varies by the pilot's input to initiate turns and to control speed. This allows for distinct feedback from control inputs to the pilot and allows for precise maneuvering.

We provide Sport Pilot Weight Shift Control training that follows the requirements set by the Practical Test Standards of the FAA for Sport Pilot license. The instruction is done under the supervision of FAA Certified Flight Instructors. We have three CFI's on staff for trikes. Below you will see a general outline of the training units. We use and recommend "Hamilton Flight Training System (published by ASA) Kits" for ground school and syllabus for airplanes and trikes. The syllabus is proven over many years of use in the GA training and works well. The learning curve for most students is rapid and it is not uncommon to solo within 15 hours of dual lessons and generally 30 to 35 hours before a student is confident and competent enough to take the checkride and pass. Weather plays a great part in taking lessons that are fruitful for the new student and its certainly not in our control.

Once you decide to continue this amazing journey to experience freedom like few others do, the lessons get progressively more intense, challenging and help you develop good flying and safety habits that will stay with you throughout your flying career. Lessons usually start with a pre-flight briefing followed by the flight and then with a post flight discussion in which you are encouraged to ask questions. Some lessons will be held completely on the ground (ground school) to inform you about such things as: pre-flight inspection procedure for trikes, principles of aerodynamics, vehicle systems, meteorology, national airspace and restrictions, radio communications, emergency procedures and additional topics that every pilot should know.

  • Bring a photo ID (driver's license) and a passport or a Birth Certificate and a passport size photograph to prove US Citizenship as required by Transport Security Administration (TSA).
  • If you are not a US citizen and do not already have a FAA license, bring a copy of the TSA background clearance and a passport sized photograph. Our school is listed with the TSA as "TampaBay Aerosport". This is required before we can start training.
  • Be prepared take guidance from your instructor(s). Be prepared to learn!
  • Our summer schedule, weather permitting, is any day of the week with prior appointment. 3 hour flight time maximum per student per day.
  • 250 pound weight limit
  • If you have any medical or physical issues, please discuss those with us beforehand.
  • Students are responsible for completing pre-flight inspection on the aircraft after they have been shown how to pre-flight. If instructor has to perform the pre-flight, that time is considered part of the flight lesson.
  • Hamilton Sport Pilot kits are recommended along with Weight-Shift-Control Flying Handbook.
  • Student who have purchased aircraft from us get preferred lesson scheduling.