Author: abidfarooqui

Two AR-1’s in California – L.A Gyro does a walk around and shows the basics

This video simply shows two handsome AR-1’s located in California (Los Angeles) and points out some features. These are in the open format not the AR-1C (convertible enclosed) format. Enjoy. Note: All credit for the video due to Peter Kalev at L.A. Gyroplane Aviation. Peter owns the yellow one in this video and flew it […]

AR-1 Gyroplane – Rotax 915iS 141 HP Engine Installation

AR-1 gyroplane is getting the latest and greatest Rotax 915iS aircraft engine with fuel injection redundant FADEC and a gutsy 141 horsepower. There are a few things we did in this installation that are worth noting as compared to some other popular tandem gyroplanes out there. This video covers these points and gives some reasons […]