Safety Directive 006 released.

This safety directive is about the top hinge on the new style tail and rudder (with balance horn) of AR-1 gyroplane. There was one report of a partial cracking top hinge weldment that is suspected to be from fatigue from trailering. This video explains the context and what is recommended.


Two AR-1’s in California – L.A Gyro does a walk around and shows the basics

This video simply shows two handsome AR-1’s located in California (Los Angeles) and points out some features. These are in the open format not the AR-1C (convertible enclosed) format. Enjoy.
Note: All credit for the video due to Peter Kalev at L.A. Gyroplane Aviation. Peter owns the yellow one in this video and flew it from Tampa to LA and recently flew the red one in the video from L.A. to Texas. Please like and subscribe to their channel.

Test Flying a New AR-1, Blade Balance, Finalize Rigging

When customers in the US finish building their AR-1 gyroplane in our Builder’s Assist Program, they are free to test fly it themselves or hire their own test pilot or ask our factory pilots to do the initial test flying for a fee to
1) track and balance the rotor blades,
2) reduce stick shake to acceptable levels,
3) make sure engine runs smooth and carbs are balanced,
4) Radio settings are set to work properly for intercom and transmission, and
5) finalize the rigging to have stick centered and all turns taken out in normal flight.

Here is a short video of doing some final touches at 2 hours of test flying a customer’s new AR-1. Check it out yourself how we try and leave it.

AR-1 Gyroplane – Rotax 915iS 141 HP Engine Installation

AR-1 gyroplane is getting the latest and greatest Rotax 915iS aircraft engine with fuel injection redundant FADEC and a gutsy 141 horsepower. There are a few things we did in this installation that are worth noting as compared to some other popular tandem gyroplanes out there. This video covers these points and gives some reasons why we did what we did