AR-1 Documentation


Gyroplane Manuals

These documents are in PDF format that requires Free Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don’t have it, download it from Adobe. If you are not computer savvy we suggest you get someone who is able to help you.

Reporting Safety of Flight or Service Difficulty Issues

Owners are requested to report any service difficulty or safety of flight issue encountered during normal flight operations to the manufacturer using the feedback form or via e-mail in writing with as much relevant details, serial number, engine serial number, propeller serial number, rotor serial number, date of manufacture, registration marking, country of registration, images and data as necessary so as to help in investigation of such matters. Its important that any deemed airworthiness issues be brought to our attention in a written manner to have better control and documentation of any safety concerns.

Rotax Engine Bulletins

NOTE: We do not directly list Rotax engine security notices on our website. To ensure the latest notices are received in the most timely manner, owners of our products should visit Rotax Owner’s Association and register / subscribe to get Rotax engine notices via e-mail. Additionally, owners have the option of visiting Rotax Aircraft Engines website often for the latest notices for their engines.
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Safety Directives (Mandatory)

  • ASB-002-AR-1 Torque Brake Caliper Bolts Released: Nov 11, 2017 Applicability: S/N 0001-0016
  • ASB-003-AR-1 Front Fork Spindle Bolt Secured Released: Jan 15, 2018 Applicability: S/N 0001-0017
  • ASB-005-AR-1 Zip Ties on Oil Radiator Fittings Released: March 25, 2019 Applicability: S/N All
  • ASB-006-AR-1 Inspecting and installing secondary support brace on rod end bearing receptacle for rudder top hinge Released: Nov 17, 2022 Applicability: New style tail and rudder with balance horn where this support is not already installed from the factory

Service Bulletins (Recommended)

Services Letters (Optional)